Acura key replacement

Key and remote replacement and lock servicing for Acura cars

Acura remote key replacement and programming

If you lost your key to your Acura car you do not have to tow it to the Acura dealer and pay dealer prices. Our technicians are very knowledgeable when it comes to key generating and programming for all models of Acura vehicles.


Acura-remotes Acura remote replacement and programming

Need a Acura remote copy or replacement? We make OEM remote copies for all Acura makes and models on a daily basis and our buying power provides us with the capability to save you money.

Did you know that Acura remotes can loose their programming when:

  • The remote has been sitting and not used for long periods of time
  • The remote is dropped or gets wet
  • A battery is replaced improperly
  • The cars battery dies

If your Acura remote stopped working for any reason, call us. It is very likely that we can re-program your remote so you don’t have to buy a new one.

Acura-ignition-lock-cylinders Acura ignition lock repair and rekey

Do you need to re-key or service your Acura ignition lock? 

Acura ignition locks may fail when the wafers inside them bend due to key forcing or ignition lock cylinder & key wear. Acura ignition locks tend to get stuck in the worst times, just when your in a hurry to do something important like picking up your kids from school. If you put your key into the ignition lock and it won’t turn unless you play around with the key, its a sign for you to fix the problem before its to late and the ignition lock to your Acura gets stuck permanently.

Did your Acura keys get stolen? If they did… It’s recommended to have the door and ignition locks re-keyed and the key reprogrammed so the old key won’t work any more in the event that the thief returns to try and steal the car. We specialize in Acura door panel and lock removal and we can do it for much less than the local Acura dealer! Don’t postpone it, call us now @ 305-712-6080 for a free consultation.

Acura-smart-key Acura smart key replacement and programming

Acura smart keys technology is great, you approach the car and the car door unlocks for you, once you’re inside the car, you press a button and the car stars right up… All this and you don’t even have to remove the key from the comfort of your pocket. Acura car owners love the advanced technology, but when a key is lost and they realize the high cost associated with replacing it, the love diminishes. Call My Mobile Locksmith now and save time and money, our prices are very affordable and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.