Audi key replacement

Key and remote replacement and lock servicing for Audi cars

Audi-remote-flip-keys1Audi remote key replacement and programming

If you lost your key to your Audi car you do not have to tow it to the Audi dealer and pay dealer prices. Our technicians are very knowledgeable when it comes to key generating and programming for all models of Audi vehicles.

Audi-keyAudi transponder/chip key

Audi chip keys are usually used as spare keys because they are much cheaper than the remote keys, these keys need to be cut to code to turn the ignition, then they must be programmed in order to start the car.
In case your Audi key got lost or stolen, we can cut and program a new chip key for your Audi in no time.

Did you know that it takes up to 3 days for the dealer to order a replacement key? Save time and money by not taking your car to the local Audi Dealer.

Audi-ignition-lock-cylinder Audi ignition lock repair and re-key

Do you need to re-key or service your Audi ignition lock? 

Audi ignition locks may get stuck if the pins or wafers in them get bent due to key misuse or defective production. We

Did your Audi keys get stolen? If the answer is yes… It’s recommended to have the door and ignition locks re-keyed and the chip on the key reprogrammed, so the old key won’t work in the event that the thief returns to  steal the car. We specialize in Audi door panel and lock removal and we can do it for much less than the local Audi dealer! Don’t postpone it, call us now @ 1877-711-5052 for a free consultation.

audi-smart-keys1 Audi smart key replacement and programming

Audi smart keys are very high tech and require the latest in key cutting and programming technology in order to generate a new key when all existing keys are lost. Our technicians are very knowledgeable, our locksmith vans are equipped with the latest key programmers and tools to get the job done. If you lost your smart key for your Audi, it is not necessary to tow it to the local Audi dealer unless you want to pay more and wait longer (up to five business days to get a working key from the dealer) We on the other hand come to you and generate a working key on the spot.