Chevy key replacement

Key replacement and lock servicing for Chevy cars

Chevy-remote-head-keyChevy Remote head key replacement and programming

Lost your key to your Chevy car? You do not have to tow it to the local Chevy dealer and pay thier prices. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to key generating and programming for all models of Chevy vehicles.

Chevy-smart-keyChevy smart key replacement and copy

If you have misplaced a key like the one above, you can relax knowing that we do provide replacements and copies for these. The local Chevy dealer will tell you that they are the only one capable of producing this key, that is not true, we can make you the same OEM key and at a fraction of what the dealer might charge you.

Chevy-remotesWe sell remotes for Chevy cars

Lost your remote or maybe just need a copy of yours? We replace and copy Chevy remotes on the spot or in our locksmith shop.

Chevy-keysChevy chip keys cut and programmed

Did you know that your Chevy key might have a chip in it? If your key does have a chip in it and you’re looking to get a spare key made, it must be properly cut and programmed to your car for it to work. We have the tools necessary to cut and program your chip key.

Chevy-ignition-lockWe can fix or rekey your Chevy ignition locks

If your ignition lock cylinder is not functioning properly or you may want to rekey it in the event of a lost or stolen key situation, call us, we fix and rekey locks to Chevy cars on a regular basis and we can help you with yours.