Infiniti key replacement

Key and remote replacement and lock servicing for Infiniti cars

Nissan-remote-keysInfiniti remote key replacement and programming

If you lost your key to your Infiniti car you do not have to tow it to the Infiniti dealer and pay dealer prices. Our technicians are very knowledgeable when it comes to key generating and programming for all models of Infiniti vehicles.

Infiniti_chip_keyInfiniti transponder/chip key

With the new transponder system its not enough to have a key to turn the ignition, the chip on the key must be programmed for the key to be able to start the car.
We can cut and program a Infiniti chip key for your car in no time and on the spot, in case of a lost or stolen key situation. Save time and money by not taking your car to the local Infiniti Dealer.


Infiniti remote replacement and programming

Need a remote copy or replacement for your Infiniti vehicle? We make keys and remotes for most cars, truck and vans. We use specialty tools (often used by the car dealers themselves) specifically designed for fast key and remote generating, cutting and programming

Infiniti remotes can loose their programming when:

  • The remote has been sitting and not used for long periods of time
  • The remote is dropped or gets w
  • A battery is replaced improperly
  • The cars battery dies

If your Infiniti remote stopped working for any reason, call us. in most cases we can re-program your remote so you don’t have to buy a new one, if you do have to buy a new one we will save you $$$.

Nissan-ignition-locks Infiniti ignition lock repair and re-key

Do you need to re-key or service your Infiniti ignition lock? 

Infiniti ignition locks fail once in a while, If your Nissan ignition lock is sticking or not turning properly, you should have it fixed before further damage occurs.

Did your Infiniti keys get stolen? It’s recommended to have the door and ignition locks re-keyed and the chip reprogrammed, so the old key won’t work in the event that the thief returns to  steal the car. We specialize in Infiniti door panel and lock removal and we can do it for much less than the local Infiniti dealer! Don’t postpone it, call us now @ 1877-711-5052 for a free consultation.

Infiniti_smart_keys Infiniti smart key replacement and programming

Infiniti smart keys or proximity keys are very advanced when it comes to technology. Infiniti car owners love the advanced technology, but once a key is lost and the high cost associated with replacing this high tech key is realized, then you probably wish you had one of the cheap and simple metal keys like in the good old days. Call My Mobile Locks