Toyota key replacement

Key and remote replacement and lock servicing for Toyota cars

We provide key and remote replacement services for a fraction of Toyota car dealer prices and a much faster time. We provide mobile service which means that we come to you, generate a new key and program it for you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TOW YOUR CAR ANYWHERE!

Toyota_remote_keyToyota remote key replacement and programming

If you call the dealer, they probably told you that they are the only one that can replace or duplicate your car key, although that may be the case in some cases but in most cases we can make you the exact same key for cheaper, in a timely manner and on the spot (
you don’t have to tow your car anywhere.)

Toyota_chip_keyToyota transponder/chip key

Most car keys since 1998 have a chip in them, to be able to start the car the chip also known as a transponder needs to be programmed to the car’s computer for it to be able to start the car. We provide mobile key cutting and programming services so you don’t have to worry. Call us anytime and we will dispatch our automotive locksmith technician who will make you a brand new key in no time.

Toyota_ignition_lock Toyota ignition lock repair and re-key

Toyota ignition locks may fail or get stuck at times, this is usually caused by wafers or pins that bend inside the lock cylinder. We can fix the problem in a timely manner and at a fraction of what the local Toyota dealer may charge.

Toyota_smart_key Toyota smart key replacement and programming

Even the latest technology smart keys we can copy or replace in a lost key situation at a fraction of the dealer cost and in the convenience of your home or office. Call us anytime and we will be delighted to help you.