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Locksmith services and security solutions offered

  • Master key systems
  • Access control systems: Magnetic locks, electric strikes and Code locks
  • CCTV/ Security cameras
  • Audit trail locks and keys
  • Medeco and Mul-T-Lock High security locks
  • Exiting devices/ panic bars
  • Alarm locks / Detex
  • Knox Box
  • Locks for any application: Storeroom, classroom, entrance and passage locks
  • Maintenance and management companies work orders OK

Access control systems

Keep unauthorized people out! Get a buzzer system installed today! Electric strike systems installed for as little as $599 or magnetic locking systems starting at only $899.

Electric strikes and Buzzer systems

Access-control-Electric-StrikesElectric strike is the perfect way to keep an unauthorized access location locked at all times. There are two types of electric strike applications: The first is fail secure. Also called fail locked In this configuration, applying electric current to the strike will cause it to open. In this configuration, the strike would remain locked in a power failure and ultimately keep the door locked. The second application is called fail safe. Also called fail-open. In this configuration, applying electric current to the strike will cause it to lock. It operates the same as a magnetic lock would.

Magnetic locks

Access-control-Magnetic-lock    Magnetic locks are ideal for applications where electric strikes cannot be used i.e., aluminum frame glass doors with hurricane rods. Make sure that the door you want to install a magnetic lock on has a door closer as well, otherwise the door will have to be closed manually every time it is opened.

Door closers

Door-closersDoor closers are used in areas where doors must remain shut, this feature eliminates the need to manually close the door each time it is opened.

Key-less entry locks

Simplex-keyless-locksKey-less entry locks are great when you want to eliminate the use of keys or the need to re-key the lock when employees get laid off.

Panic bars / Exiting devices

Panic-Bars-and-exeting-devices  If you are a business owner then you probably have been informed by the fire marshal that each door that is used as an emergency exit, must be equipped with a panic device. We carry all types of panic bars and exiting devices for any application including panic bars with vertical rods for double doors and glass doors with hidden in frame hurricane bars.

HID card readers / Prox readers

Hid-card-reader-systems   HID and other card readers are like a release button that is operated by swiping a HID or proximity card in-front of it. The HID card must be properly programmed in-order for the reader to accept it. Once a swipe has been accepted it will release or open what is connected to it, for example a door strike. Users or cards can be added or removed from the system very easily through a software, making it

Mortise locks / store front locks

Store-front-locks   We carry all type of locks, hardware and security plates for Mortise locks used on most store front, and complex building doors.

Intercom systems

Audio and video intercom systems. Keep yourself and your employers or loved ones safe, see and hear who it is before you open the door.


We are licensed and insured and Our technicians are trained and certified to handle all of your security and locksmith service needs.

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