Medeco locks

Medeco high security locks

Do you know who has a key to your home or business?


Medeco locks provide key control which means no one can make a copy of your key without your consent.

What is lock bumping?

lock-bumping1Lock bumping is when you put a filed down key into a lock cylinder, then tap on the key while applying light turning pressure, Once all the pins line up to the shear line, the cylinder will turn and allow you to open the lock without any sign of break-in. Medeco locks provide extraordinary protection against lock bumping or picking with their patented key and lock systems.

Medeco M3 Maxum grade 1 deadbolts


  • Security against lock picking and bumping
  • Security against drilling and tampering
  • Security against key duplication

Medeco 14 Series Grade 2 (Medium security deadbolt)


  • Security against key duplication
  • Easier installation (similar to basic security locks)
  • Lower cost than the grade 1 Medeco

Medeco Mortise style locks


  • Security for store front glass doors
  • Apartment building with mortise style door locks
  • Security against key duplication
  • Hardened steel for security against lock drilling or tampering

Medeco profile lock cylinder for euro style doors and locks


  • Security against lock bumping or picking
  • Security against unauthorized key duplication
  • Security against lock drilling or tampering


Frequently asked questions:

  • How much does a Medeco lock cost?

Answer: Medeco deadbolt locks start at $149

  • How hard is it to install a Medeco lock?

Answer: Installing Medeco locks usually require some modification to existing door holes, although you can probably manage to install one yourself it is recommended to hire a licensed locksmith who is a Medeco authorized dealer assuring proper installation.

Improper installation of Medeco locks can reduce the security of the lock.